Cost and Other Details

What is your honorarium and how do we schedule our wedding?

What does it cost?

  • For scheduled & planned weddings, the total honorarium for most weddings is $300 (which includes $75 deposit to hold wedding date/time). This includes my online marriage prep course that will save $60 on the marriage license should you choose to use it. See more  info below. 
  • The couple mails a check for $75 to confirm their wedding date/time (or send by VENMO). This $75 retainer is non-refundable since if obligates my calendar & is meant to protect the couple so they know they can depend on me. 
  • The couple sends the rest ($225) by check (or send by VENMO) at least two weeks before the ceremony. 
  • Couples often tell me this is the most reasonable of their wedding expenses. I’ve tried to add enough value to what I do so that you will feel the same way.

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Here are the things I do for you to save you time, money, and frustration.

  • Email you my Ceremony Planner & then discuss your ceremony preferences. If you are able to come out to my home in the Bellevue area, we can discuss your preferences face to face. If you can’t make it out, we can work out the ceremony details by phone/email, or video call.  The Ceremony Planner gets rave reviews. Couples find it very helpful in planning & personalizing their ceremonies.
  • Offer my At-Home Marriage Preparation Course which saves you $60 on your Tennessee marriage license.There’s no charge for the Course. It’s included in the honorarium. You don’t have to use it, but most do and have a blast with it. Plus, it saves you $60 (not counting the few hundred dollars it would cost to see a licensed counselor or attend a program somewhere). I will email you the link for the Course.
  • A free download of my Name Change Guide for Tennessee Brides. 
  • Prompt registration of your marriage license following the wedding. Your signed license* goes right back to the county clerk’s office where you got it. The clerk in a few days will mail you the certified copy, or you are able to request it from them in writing or by phone (check with the county clerk’s office where you get your license – policies vary from county to county). Be confident that you have a legal, real life-long minister/officiant signature on your marriage license.

If you are having a rehearsal, I can attend if I don’t have a wedding scheduled at your rehearsal time. However, in most cases it’s not essential, and the way I do things can save you some money. Once the couple has received the Ceremony Planner and we’ve gone over it in person or through phone/email conversation, most are comfortable that the ceremony will go as planned. Rehearsals are primarily for the attendants and working out logistics. If a couple still feels the need for me to attend the rehearsal, there is some additional fee that varies some depending on the time/location. 

The schedule fills fast especially on popular dates, so if you think you would like for me to help, please contact me as soon as you can.

Let me know if you have questions about anything. 

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