Personalize Your Ceremony

Your ceremony is the most important part of your entire wedding celebration! (my bias shows, but isn’t this the reason you’ve brought your family & friends together?).

You want a ceremony to remember! One that expresses your feelings & thoughts on what a wedding is all about.

What do you do? Leave it entirely up to the officiant to “do his thing?” That may work fine, but what if it doesn’t?

After all your planning & preparations, you likely don’t want to leave this to chance.Ceremony Planning Guide

Plus, if you spend time thinking through your ceremony, it will mean so much more to you. 

That’s one reason I developed my Wedding Ceremony Planner Guide.

Most couples don’t know what goes into a ceremony. You’ve gone to other weddings but probably don’t remember the order of things.

Or, you were not too impressed with the ceremony, and you’re wondering what some options might be in designing your ceremony. My Ceremony Planning Guide can help you make your ceremony just what you want it to be.

  • Do you want a religious or romantic emphasis, or some of both?

  • Do you like traditional or contemporary worded vows?

  • How long do you want your ceremony to last?

These are just some of the questions the planner will help you with.

Then maybe you’ll want to add something unique to your ceremony. Maybe you’ll want to use the Rose Ceremony or the Hands Ceremony.

While most everyone has seen the beautiful Unity Candle ceremony, few have seen the Rose or Hands Ceremonies. Many brides tear up just reading these.

Your guests will love them!

The Wedding Ceremony Planning Guide is specifically designed to give you the basic information you need to design your ceremony.

There are whole books on the subject if you want to buy them and spend a week working through them.

I wanted to put together something that couples like you could spend about an hour or so working through to personalize your ceremony. That’s how the planner came to be.
You benefit from years of refinement, and the input of hundreds of couples I’ve worked with.