About Me

Just a little more about me in case you are interested:

I was born and raised in Nashville. I did live away from Nashville for a number of years while going to school and ministering with various churches. We moved back to Nashville in 2000.

I am a lifelong nondenominational minister, serving churches throughout my ministry career mostly as the senior preaching minister.

My educational background includes a B.S. in Bible and Masters of Theology degree, as well as doctoral work in counseling and biblical studies.

Ralph & Mary 2020

I am married to Mary and we have four children. See an article about me and my wife published in the Nashville City Paper.

I have officiated hundreds of weddings all over middle Tennessee from the Governor’s Mansion to a truck stop and everything in-between.

I do not try to sell engaged couples on my church…that’s not why they contact me. Of course, I’m always willing to discuss faith matters with those that express the interest.